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Publications and papers by faculty and students

Robert House
Joseph Frank Bernstein Professor of Organizational Studies

"Cross-Cultural Research on Organizational Leadership: A Critical Analysis and a Proposed Theory", with Norman Wright and Ram Aditya. New Perspectives on International Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Ch. 20, 535-625, 1996. Editors: P. Christopher Earley and Miriam Erez.

"Rumors of the Death of Dispositional Research are Vastly Exaggerated", with Scott Shane and David Herold. Academy of Management Review (Vol. 21, No. 1, 203-224, 1996)

"Does Leadership Matter? CEO Leadership Attributes and Profitability Under Conditions of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty," David A. Waldman, Gabriel G. Ramirez, Robert J. House, and Phanish Puranam, 1999.  Published in Academy of Management Journal, 2001, 44(1): 134-143.

"Charismatic Leadership: Strategids for Effecting Social Change," C. Marlene Fiol, Drew Harris, and Robert House, 1999.

"Cultural Influences on Leadership and Organizations: Project GLOBE," Robert House et al., 1999.

"Path-Goal Theory of Leadership: Lessons, Legacy, and Reformulated Theory", Leadership Quarterly, Vol. 7, No. 3, 323-352, 1996.

"The Rise and Decline of Charismatic Leadership," Chanoch Jacobsen and Robert J. House, 1999.

"The Social Scientific Study of Leadership: Quo Vadis?", with Ram N. Aditya, Journal of Management, 1997, Vol. 23, No. 3, 409-473.



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