Current Undergraduate Intensives

WLV 2021 - 2022 Update

At this time (July 2021), we have updated the website to reflect our Intensives dates for Fall 2021. Our expeditions are currently under review.

Please look forward to further communication regarding an info session on undergraduate expeditions and Venture Fellow recruitment. That session will be held on campus, time TBD, on September 8th, 2021.

Intensives are consolidated and immersive group based experience ranging from 1-3 days and provide genuine environments of uncertainty and challenge.

With a minimal time commitment and cost, intensives, are an ideal way to add to your leadership portfolio as an undergraduate at Wharton.  Some opportunities gained by attending an intensive include:

  • Opportunities for self-discovery and character building
  • Examine your personal leadership style and build on your strengths through feedback
  • Enhance management skills and team performance by increasing knowledge and skills that govern small group behavior dynamics

CourseMatch registration runs in September (for fall intensives and all expeditions) and February (for spring intensives).

Intensives are subsidized through McNulty Leadership and cost $30 to participating students. If the cost of the intensive would prohibit your attendance, please contact WLV.

For more information on registering through CourseMatch in please see this CourseMatch tutorial.