Old-MBA Students

  • Wharton Leadership Ventures: Caribbean Sailing

    UGWLV home4
    MBA students focus on communication and team decision-making in the Caribbean tropics.  Participants are divided into two teams (or crews), and with expert guidance from the top instructors of Project U.S.E., provision their yachts, charting a course and setting sail among the Windward Isles.
  • Leadership Fellows Welcome New MBAs to the Learning Team Retreat

    LF home3
    Fellows help provide opportunities for individual and team leadership development for all first year MBA students.  At the 2009 Learning Team Retreat, LFs pump up the crowd, welcoming new students to the Catskills and introducing them to their learning teams.

Upcoming Events

Academic Year 2017-2018

Please check back in August for 2017-2018 events.

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