Zhi Lim


Hometown: Singapore, Singapore

Education: Imperial College of London, MSE

Before Wharton: Reem Investments

After Wharton: Heading up to New Jersey to work for “The Rock”

Leadership Program Involvement

Non-Profit Board Fellow

My Leadership Experience

The Nonprofit Board Leadership Program gave me the awesome opportunity to put all my leadership training into practice in a real life environment (on the Board of a large local nonprofit), all while serving our Philadelphia community! My experiences inside and outside of the Wharton (and even Penn) community had definitely shaped me into a much stronger leader and a better person than when I first started.

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs: Wharton Restructuring and Distressed Investing Club, Wine Club, Asia Club

Internships/Career Treks: Summer Internship at Metlife (Home of Snoopy!)