Requirements and Commitment

Participants in the 2021-2022 Coaching Program must complete all program components as outlined below:

Class of 2022 Program Schedule
September 13 Information Session 1 hour
September 13 – 17 Open Enrollment ~30 minutes
August 30 – October 1 Assessment Distribution & Completion Deadline ~1 hour
October 11 – 15 Coaching Assignment & Assessment Reporting Distribution Via email
October – December Individual Coaching Sessions

Goal Setting Meeting (90 mins)

Coaching Session 1

Coaching Session 2

60 minutes per session
December Midpoint Survey ~20 minutes
January ‘22 – March ‘22 Individual Coaching Sessions

Coaching Session 3

Coaching Session 4

Coaching Session 5

60 minutes per session
March ‘22 Endpoint Survey ~20 minutes

Additionally, students must sign and adhere to all policies outlined in the Coaching Agreement. Background and career information previously provided to Wharton may be reviewed by their coach.

Cancellation Policy
The fee for executive coaching sessions within the Coaching Program is covered by the Wharton MBA program provided that you keep your scheduled commitments. If you cannot attend a scheduled session, you must provide your coach with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. If you rescheduled with fewer than 24 hours’ notice, or if you fail to attend the session, your bursar account will be charged $200.00.

With proper advanced notice (more than 24 hours), you may reschedule up to two sessions (out of the total five sessions) allotted by the Coaching Program.

Please note that if you have documentable special circumstances (such as illness) or grave personal difficulties (such as a death in the family), exceptions may be made. Documentation will be required.

Program Email Address