Leadership Development Workshops are a set of free active leadership learning opportunities. Workshops focus on one- to three-day programs that highlight alternative leadership education methodologies or specific topics.

With a minimal time commitment and no cost, they are an ideal way to add to your leadership portfolio while at Wharton.  Some opportunities gained by attending a workshop include:

  • Learn the basic principles of influence and persuasion
  • Examine theatrical creation as a metaphor for team building, innovation, and creativity in the workplace
  • Enhance management skills and team performance by increasing knowledge and skills that govern small group behavior dynamics
  • Discover how meditation can help leaders do more with less effort, build concentration, and reduce stress

  • Leadership Lessons from the U.S. Civil War Gettysburg Battle – TBD
  • Conflict and You: The Power of Aikido – TBD
  • Leader as Storyteller: Connecting with Audiences Through the Power of Stories – TBD
  • game On Nation – TBD
  • Leadership Presence – TBD
  • Big Muse: Finding a More Authentic Self – TBD
  • Gathering Intelligence Through Conversation – TBD

All registration occurs via Course Match. Registration for a workshop is run through CourseMatch. All students will be emailed with a registration link. At the close of CourseMatch, students will be notified that they have been selected. Participant lists are randomly selected.

Conflict and You: The Power of AikidoCentering, Listening, Managing Emotions, Increase presence under pressure
Finding a More Authentic SelfStorytelling, Using Creativity to Succeed
game on: Communication, Leadership, ConfidenceCommunication Clarity, Collaboration, Self-awareness
Gathering Intelligence Through ConversationNegotiation Tactics, Build Rapport, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence
Leadership PresenceStage Presence, Collaboration, Expressiveness, Creativity, Listening
Leader as StorytellerNarration, Dialogue, Business Storytelling
Leadership Lessons from the U.S. Civil War Gettysburg BattleDecision-making, Teamwork, Leadership Strategy

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