Application Information

Are you interested in becoming a Leadership Fellow?

Application Process

In order to apply to the Leadership Fellows Program, you will need to complete all steps in the process. Please note that an application will not be considered if they are missing any portion.

The application for the 2017-18 Leadership Fellows Program is now closed.

Request Recommendations from Wharton Peers

Secure two recommendations from peers within the Wharton community who have had the opportunity to witness your leadership. These recommenders should not be Leadership Fellows or members of the Management 610 Faculty. After completing this form, your recommenders will get a system generated email requesting feedback on you. Peer Recommendations must be returned by the application deadline of Nov. 16 at 11:59 PM. Please provide ample time for your recommenders to complete this form.

Request Recommendations from Cohort LFs

Enter the names of the Leadership Fellows for your cohort in the online system. Each LF from your cohort will complete a recommendation form. The request needs to be submitted by the deadline.

Class of 2018 Leadership Fellow Application

Applicant information including your name, Penn ID, email address, phone number and cohort. You will also need to complete four essay questions in the online application.

Essay Question 1

Why would you like to be a Leadership Fellow? (maximum 500 words)

Essay Question 2

What are your personal development goals for your time at Wharton? How do these goals align with your values or the MBA Program’s values? What have you done, and what do you plan to do to achieve these goals? (maximum 500 words)

Essay Question 3

You have now spent a few months working in teams at Wharton. What has been the most challenging feedback you have received from a teammate (any teammate you have collaborated with)? Why was this feedback challenging for you, and what steps have you taken to act on it? (maximum 400 words)

Essay Question 4

Reflect on your experience in the MBA Program to date and tell us about a contribution you have made to Wharton as a first-year student. Please consider all types of contributions, whether they be interpersonal, team-level, or school-wide. Why was this contribution significant, what motivated you to make it, and did it have the impact you hoped for? (maximum 400 words)