Executive Coaching and Feedback Program

The mission of the Executive Coaching and Feedback Program (ECFP) is to enable and support every MBA student in the pursuit of deeper self-awareness and improved leadership skills to advance individual success and team and community performance.

Modeled after executive coaching programs at leading corporations and shaped by scholarship and best practices in the field, the ECFP is designed to provide students with both the structure and flexibility to develop their ability to lead.

How It Works

Launched in fall 2012, the ECFP is a unique opportunity for students to get personalized one-on-one executive coaching based on detailed feedback from peers and former co-workers. Beginning in the fall semester of the first or second year of the MBA program, students receive a series of five executive coaching sessions that extend through the spring semester.

As a participant in the ECFP, you will:

  • Build self-awareness, enabling personal and professional growth and change
  • Collect feedback on leadership competencies from multiple experiences and teams
  • Identify and address leadership strengths and opportunities for development
  • Receive personalized one-on-one coaching from a seasoned executive coach
  • Create a leadership development plan that integrates values and strengths, allowing you to define goals and track progress over time
  • Practice transforming experiences into learning opportunities

WEMBA Philadelphia 44 Enrollment
Available 7/20 – 7/26

WEMBA San Francisco 44 Enrollment
Available 7/27 – 8/2

Information Session materials will be posted after each session
Philadelphia 44 Info Session – 7/19
San Francisco 44 Info Session- 7/26


Program Email Address: ecfprogram@wharton.upenn.edu
Please contact us through our program inbox with questions or comments 



Lynn Krage, Director

Samantha Stahl, Associate Director

Sarah Goldsmith, Program Manager