Program Details

The program begins with a self and peer appraisal process, allowing students to better understand the gap between their self-image and how others perceive them. This process also enables students to connect many aspects of their Wharton experience. Using a customized online platform, students incorporate feedback and self-assessments on extracurricular leadership, pre-Wharton work experience, and summer internships.

Students attend goal setting sessions, where they work to create their own leadership development action plans for behavioral experimentation based on the feedback they received.

Working one-on-one with a seasoned executive coach, students engage in self-directed individualized leadership development through targeted interventions and regularly scheduled coaching support. Our executive coaches are rigorously vetted for their experience and training. Each coach has a minimum of five years of experience—most possess more than 10 years in the field—and have worked with senior executives, high potentials at corporations as well as entrepreneurs.

The program’s integration of online assessments and workshops with one-on-one executive coaching allows each student to create an authentic leadership development pathway that integrates individual values, strengths, and challenges to create a customized leadership development experience.

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