McNulty Leadership Program strives to provide Undergraduates with hands on leadership opportunities for learning and growth.

McNulty Leadership Program provides co-curricular programming that compliments the Undergraduate Leadership Journey from Freshman to Senior year. Programs and student opportunities are designed to enhance student learnings and make transferable connections back into the classroom.

Undergraduate Wharton students have open enrollment style opportunities to engage in custom programs throughout the school year. Students are not limited to the amount of learning opportunities provided by the McNulty Leadership Program. Student Leadership opportunities provide students with a deeper level of stewardship, development and training.

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VFs Aug training


Yearlong service roles providing leadership development opportunities through action and reflection.


Speakers and Events

With our Authors@Wharton Speakers Series and Leadership Lectures, students enhance their learning outside of the classroom and learn from the best of business.


Experiential programs that facilitate self-discovery, leadership and character development.


Workshops are a set of free experiential learning opportunities. Workshops are targeted towards specific leadership development competencies and range from a half to a full day experience.


Wharton 101 TAs

Wharton Teaching Assistants help support the delivery of the new Freshman Gateway Course, Wharton 101.


Here are answers to questions asked across the programs offered.

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