McNulty Leadership Programs

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Lifelong Learning
Penn Partnerships
Social Impact
Student Groups
Advanced Management Program (AMP)
Immersive five-week program where senior leaders hone their leadership capabilities
Authors@Wharton Committee
Assists in author selection, marketing, and programming of the series
Authors@Wharton Speaker Series
World-renowned trade authors share their books
Beacon Award
A special awarding of the Lipman Prize in 2020. Only previous Lipman Prize honorees invited to apply.
Big Idea
Learning Teams work together to develop an innovative solution to a complex problem
CEO Academy
Chief executives share tactics to successfully lead companies through major change
Coaching and Feedback Program
Personalized one-on-one executive coaching
Creating and Leading High Performing Teams (HPT)
Executive program mixing insights from research and case studies with experiential learning
General Management Program (GMP)
Executive program that teaches management skills, global business, and growth strategies
MBA students mentor Undergraduate students in their development and education.
Interviews with industry leaders
Leadership Conference
Annual conference featuring speakers in leadership roles across industries
Leadership Fellows
Coaches and mentors for individual students and Learning Teams during the first year
Leadership in Action
Weekly radio show with a live, call-in format featuring guests from diverse industries
Leadership Lectures
Series featuring guest speakers from across industries
Leadership Seminar Trek in the Swiss Alps
A blend of learning and trekking; an extraordinary educational opportunity to strengthen your capacities and reflect on your leadership with others.
Learning Team Retreat
Introduces MBA students to their Learning Teams and takes place over 2 days during Pre-Term
Lipman Family Prize
Global prize celebrating leadership and innovation in the social impact sector
Lipman Family Prize Fellows
Support the selection of the prize honorees while learning about the social sector
Management 610
Course that develops knowledge and skill set for teamwork and leadership
New Directions in Leadership Research Conference
Convenes leading and emerging scholars in the field of leadership and ethics.
Non-Profit Board Fellows
Serve as Visiting Board Members of nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia
Nonprofit Leadership Scholarship
Available to all Lipman honorees and offered in partnership with the School of Public Policy and Practice.
Organizational Behavior Conference
Junior faculty presenters on the cutting-edge of research in the organizational behavior field.
P3 Facilitators
Seasoned veterans of the program who facilitate group conversations over the eight-week curriculum
P3: Purpose, Passion, and Principles
Program that helps students define personal and professional success
Penn Athletics Wharton Leadership Academy
Innovative program that fosters the leadership abilities of Penn student athletes
The Leadership Edge
Program that provides tools to lead effectively
The Leadership Journey
Executive program that takes leadership skills to the next level
Wharton 101
A new undergraduate course, which is part of the four-year Leadership Journey.
Wharton 101 Teaching Assistants
TAs will assist in the delivery and class management of Wharton 101.
WLV Expeditions
Six to 14 day outdoor overnight treks that provide genuine environments of uncertainty and change.
WLV Intensives
Intensives range from one-two days and tend to be low-medium in physical intensity.
WLV Venture Fellows
Organize and execute immersive expeditions and intensives
One to three day programs that highlight alternative leadership education methodologies or specific topics.