Learning Team Experience

Learning Team

The Learning Team Experience

Teamwork is one of our core leadership competencies. During your time at Wharton, you will participate in as many as 20 teams, including first year Learning Teams, elective course teams, club and conference roles, student government, and co-curricular programs and fellowships. As your first team at Wharton, the Learning Team serves as a model experience for team formation and effective teamwork. The Learning Team is a laboratory meant to hone your teamwork skills, providing you with the opportunity to practice different leadership styles and skills that promote collaborative learning and development through group projects across the Fixed Core curriculum.

Each Learning Team is assigned a second-year Leadership Fellow (LF). In addition to coaching and mentoring first-year students on personal development, LFs also mentor, support, and facilitate the team formation process and serve as team process consultants for the Learning Teams. LFs mentor Learning Teams throughout the Learning Team Experience Retreat, Management 6100: Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership, and also facilitate the learning team 360 peer review process.

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