Leadership at Pre-Term

Welcome to the McNulty Leadership Program and the Class of 2026 Pre-Term!

Our mission at the McNulty Leadership Program is to develop leaders who act with a deeper understanding of themselves, their organizations, and their communities and contribute positively to the growth of each. The first opportunity to explore your own style is through the Learning Team experience.

The Learning Team is an intensive learning experience designed to build transferable skills that promote effective personal and team performance. Your Learning Team consists of five to six (including yourself) classmates from within your Cohort. The experiences in your team serve as the foundation for your working relationships in Management 6100: Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership and throughout the academic year. During Pre-Term, you will gain hands-on experience in a process for progressing from a group to a team, understand how individual and team performance resides in action and behavior rather than position, and promote more effective personal and team performance in the future.

Learning Team Experience

The primary goal of the Learning Team Experience is to get to know your classmates in a fun and relaxed environment! The experience kicks off with meeting your Learning Team and beginning the process of team formation. Through these activities, the Learning Team Experience sets the stage for the Learning Team to work together throughout MGMT 6100.

Attendance for all of the Learning Team Experience is a mandatory part of the MBA program. 

Management 6100

Management 6100 is the first core course in the MBA Program. This course focuses on developing students’ knowledge and skillset for teamwork and leadership. It is meant to be an intense immersion experience that draws strongly on the pedagogy of the Wharton Teamwork and Leadership Simulation, a team-based, highly interactive simulation that was custom designed specifically to allow students to experience the core concepts they learn in this class. This course reflects the realities that informal leadership occurs in teams on an ongoing basis, that being a good team player is a part of leadership, and that many of one’s early experiences with leadership will occur while working in teams.

Attendance for all of the course is a mandatory part of the MBA program. 

William P. Lauder Wharton Leadership Fellows

William P. Lauder Wharton Leadership Fellows are charged with providing every first-year student the opportunity to enhance their leadership potential through the development of practical tools and concrete strategies applicable in every area of their lives. In addition to coaching first-years, Leadership Fellows also mentor, support, and facilitate the Learning Team formation process and serve as team process consultants throughout the first year.

Important Dates

Attendance is a mandatory part of the MBA program.

Learning Team Experience:
August 12 & August 13, 2024

Management 6100: 
Course Dates: August 15 – August 21, 2024