MBA Leadership Ventures

Please find the slide deck from the September 2022 info session here.

Leadership Ventures are experiences that facilitate self-discovery, leadership, and character development. Participants are able to step out of their comfort zone, exceed personal limitations, and experience leadership firsthand.

There are two types of Leadership Ventures: Expeditions and Intensives.


2023-24 Venture Portfolio


Expeditions are outdoor, experiential learning treks that provide genuine environments of uncertainty and challenge. Expeditions generally range from 6 to 8 day overnight trips and can be high in physical intensity.Save

The calendar of MBA WLV Expeditions for 2023-24 is as follows:

Atacama DesertSan Pedro de Atacama, ChileFall BreakMulti-disciplinary, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Summit Attempt
Mountain To SeaSouth Island, New ZealandWinter BreakMulti-disciplinary, Backcountry Trekking, River Crossing, Rafting
Tall Ships SailingAukland, New ZealandWinter BreakDeep Ocean Sailing
AntarcticaAntarcticaWinter Breakbackpacking, mountaineering and glacier travel, winter tent camping, and navigation
Patagonia Isla NavarinoNavarino Island, ChileWinter BreakMulti-disciplinary, Backcountry Trekking
Andes MountaineeringCerro El Plomo, ChileSpring BreakHigh-altitude Mountaineering, Backpacking, Glacier/Snow Travel
Cerro CastilloCerro Castillo, ChileSpring BreakBackcountry Trekking, Raft-building
Vodudahue Cloud ForestPumalin Park, ChileSpring BreakBackcountry Trekking
Small Crew SailingBritish Virgin IslandsSpring BreakCaribbean Ocean Sailing


Intensives are consolidated and immersive group based experiences ranging from 1-2 days. They provide genuine environments of uncertainty and challenge.

The calendar of MBA WLV Intensives for 2023-24 is as follows:

FDNY IntensiveFall & SpringFirefighting Simulation
Quantico Military IntensiveFall & SpringMilitary Simulation, Ropes Course, Combat Course
Team Orienteering (TOI)SpringSmall Team Orienteering

Financial Aid

The Behrman Scholarship Program

The Behrman Scholarship Program and its partner program the Behrman Fellowship Program increase access for Wharton MBA students to leadership development opportunities. Scholarships for the Leadership Ventures are awarded annually for expedition-based Ventures. Available funding from the Behrman Scholarship Scholarship Program provides a subsidy to offset the trip fees. There is one scholarship seat per expedition.

Please note that financial assistance for WLV is coordinated by Wharton Leadership Ventures and not Student Financial Services.  Wharton Leadership Ventures are co-curricular experiences, not credit-bearing, therefore any financial assistance granted through the generosity of the McNulty Leadership Program for WLV will NOT be noted in students’ acceptance letters.

Before indicating your financial need in your application, PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW:


Scholarships cover the registration costs for the expedition only. Scholarships DO NOT include flights and gear. If awarded a scholarship, you will be responsible for all costs associated with flights, and gear.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, please indicate so in your pre-decision paperwork in your expedition application. Applications will be reviewed and verified by the Undergraduate Financial Aid office, based on previously submitted financial information. Questions about financial aid eligibility should be directed to the Undergraduate Financial Aid office.

Candidates eligible for full scholarships will be notified of their status prior to being offered a seat on a Venture. If you are not eligible for a scholarship, you will be notified and can chose to accept or decline a seat offer on a Venture, if offered. If you are not awarded a scholarship seat, and you accept a seat offer on a Venture, you will be agreeing to full payment for the seat.  We ask that students only apply for a scholarship if that’s the only way one could attend an expedition.

If you do not initially win a scholarship seat but have been notified as eligible, you will be placed on the scholarship waitlist.

2022-23 Venture Participants

“This venture was transformative. Every day, I was given the chance to better understand who I am, what kind of leader I want to be, and what is holding me back. My team members were committed to supporting each of us toward our goals. This positive attitude allowed us to not only summit new heights, but also cross the finish line smiling and laughing. These memories will stay with me forever, and I have already seen how I rely on these memories to guide my decision-making in other leadership situations.”

– Priya Bhaidaswala, WG24, Vodudahue Participant

“Go on a venture. It was easily the singularly most personally impactful thing I have done at Wharton. Each day led to new learnings and personal insights. I will remember these people and these lessons for the rest of my life.”

– Will Henriques, WG24, Small Crew Participant

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Financial Aid

There is one scholarship seat per expedition. Eligibility is determined through the MBA Financial Aid Office.

Policies and FAQs

In the Terra Dotta registration system, students should input their true preferences for all ventures.

We are here to help.

We encourage you to speak to any Venture Fellow or Director Jules Roy.


Apply for a Fellowship

Venture Fellows are selected in March of your first year to serve in your second year. Go to the Venture Fellows page for more information. Prior participation in a Wharton Leadership Venture is not necessary.



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