Wharton 1010 Teaching Assistants

Serving as a WH 1010 TA

Wharton 1010 TA Job Description

(For the 2024-25 Academic Year)

Teaching assistants will support the delivery of Wharton 1010, “Business and You:  Exploring Business Pathways and Developing Your Potential” during the fall semester by:

  • Assisting instructors with class management
  • Facilitating student groups working with clients from the greater Philadelphia area
  • Helping approximately 20 students reflect on what they are learning


TAs will assist in class management by keeping track of attendance, timeliness, and the completion of assignments as well as assessing student participation (below, on, or above par) based on observable behaviors within the bounds of the class (such as doing pre-work, showing up on time, and speaking up in class).  Students will be assigned to a particular TA, and TAs will facilitate group discussions with 10 students.

In addition, TAs will facilitate communication among students in groups of approximately 10.  Each TA will assist two student groups as they participate in a “case collaboration” in response to a challenge posted by a client from a local service agency.

Finally, TAs will help students reflect on learnings through three, 15-30 minute meetings with each of their 20 students.  In preparation for each meeting, TAs will let students know where they stand with respect to class participation.  During each meeting, TAs will provide appreciative and developmental feedback so that the student has the chance to build on personal and professional strengths.  In the final meeting, TAs will engage each student in a conversation about their summative, reflective essay with the aim of looking to the future and identifying next steps that would enhance their growth and development.


In order to fulfill their role in Wharton 1010, TAs are expected to participate in the following:

  • On boarding and training (in April and August)
  • New Student Orientation
  • Required TA training and development sessions (typically held on Fridays)
  • Weekly meetings with a teaching team of TAs
  • Course Meetings led by the Undergraduate Division or the McNulty Leadership Program (1.5-hour sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Participate in Spring ’25 recruitment for incoming TAs

TAs should expect to spend an average of 10 hours a week (in class and out) for 15 weeks in the fall semester.


Wharton 1010 TAs need to demonstrate a range of skills.  As class managers, Wharton 1010 TAs need be highly responsible, observant, organized, and task focused.  As leaders of group discussions, Wharton 1010 TAs need excellent facilitation skills so that they can move conversation along in rewarding and productive ways.  As  mentors, Wharton 1010 TAs must possess good communication skills, both oral and written.  As peer coaches, Wharton 1010 TAs need excellent interpersonal skills so that they can give appreciative and developmental feedback and engage students in process of self-discovery and personal growth.  Additionally, TAs must be in good academic standing.

Students may not serve as Wharton 1010 TAs and cohort freshman directors simultaneously to ensure that each freshman has unique rather than overlapping personal contacts in each role.


The role of Wharton 1010 TA has the potential to provide an enriching and rewarding experience for both student and TA.  As an academic role in keeping with the work of TAs in other classes, the position is paid.  At $1,275, the pay is commensurate with work study rates.

Application Process

The application is currently open. The deadline is February 4, 2024. Please select “Wharton 1010 TA” in the Program Choice.


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Wharton 1010: Business and You

WH1010:  Business and You is the first step of your Leadership Journey at Wharton. The course introduces you to thought leaders from the Wharton faculty; raises awareness of your strengths, reputation, and leadership potential; and invites you into the Wharton experience as an engaged and empowered member of the academic and co-curricular community.  You will come to appreciate that leadership is an act and best developed through study, feedback from trusted colleagues and peers, and stretch experiences that stimulate your growth and development. You will also begin to hone four skills essential to the pursuit of your personal, academic, and professional goals: the ability to think creatively, to analyze and solve problems, to apply what you have learned, and to reflect on learnings. A live case is the vehicle for learning as you work with local agencies to address real-world challenges.