Undergraduate Venture Fellows

Wharton Leadership Ventures invites you to apply to become a Venture Fellow

Venture Fellows are a group of committed students who coordinate and help facilitate the learning opportunities on each venture.  This unique and talented group of students meet weekly throughout the year, participate in annual leadership trainings and have dedicated themselves to being service focused students.  Applications to become a Venture Fellow are accepted in the spring semester.

Venture Fellow Applications Open January 18-29, 2019!

Info Session: Wednesday, January 23rd, 7-8pm in SHDH 1203

Chat with a VF: Wednesday, January 23rd featuring Office Hours 9am-5pm in the JMHH Locust Walk Lobby

Spring 2019 Application Timeline
  • Applications Open: January 18
  • Applications Due: January 29
  • Interviews: February 1-2, 2019
  • Invite-only 2nd Round: February 3, 10am-Noon

We encourage you to talk with any Venture Fellow, Associate Director Erica Montemayor, or Program Manager Christine Fisher.

You may also direct questions to wlp_ugventures@wharton.upenn.edu.

Prior participation in a Wharton Leadership Venture is not necessary.

The Role of a VF

Venture Fellows are carefully selected Freshman & Sophomore leaders who possess the following competencies:  Leadership Character, Diplomacy, Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability and Resilience, and Effective Communication.   Each year, approximately 7-10 diverse and compassionate students are selected to serve as Venture Fellows for their remaining years at Penn.

Venture Fellows are responsible for assisting with Venture marketing efforts, conducting pre-trip information sessions and activities, serving as a coach and facilitator during ventures, and collecting information after the ventures to ensure continuous improvement of the program.


Onboarding (Spring): February 15 – 17

All new VFs meet with the current VF group to gain more insight into the program, their role, and learn current offerings for the year. Team building activities and introductory leadership training activities are conducted by the Associate Director. There will be a focus on technical skills necessary for being out in the field.

Facilitation Training (Spring) – Coincides with Onboarding, February 15 – 17

The annual 2-3 Day Facilitation Training occurs in the spring and focuses on team building, facilitation and debriefing techniques. Peer, Associate Director, MLP Staff and external partners will also lead trainings throughout the year at Venture Fellow Meetings. Topics for these trainings can include, but are not limited to: Team Building, Debriefing, Emotional Intelligence, Feedback and Creating a Positive Group Culture.

Expedition Training (Fall Break) – October 10 – 13

Expedition Training occurs annually over Fall Break and is free of cost. Venture Fellows are expected to attend 100% of the scheduled training and to be both physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for the training. This training is a 5 day overnight training program that prepares VFs to gain more comfort in “the field,” and build skills in facilitation, group dynamics, technical outdoor skills, plus giving and receiving feedback.  By working together in an uncomfortable environment, VFs will build empathy for their participants and build stronger rapport with one another.

VF Meetings (Weekly) – 6:30 – 7:30pm

The VFs meet weekly to discuss upcoming ventures and focus on developing their skills and engage in professional development opportunities.

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Erica Montemayor, Associate Director

Christine Fisher,
Program Manager

Kate FitzGerald, Marketing Director