Venture Fellows

Wharton Leadership Ventures invites you to apply to become a Venture Fellow

Serving as a Venture Fellow is an incredibly rewarding experience with the opportunity to further develop as a leader and facilitate the leadership development of venture participants. 

Meet the WG24 Venture Fellows


Venture Fellows serve as coaches and facilitators during leadership ventures, conduct pre-trip information sessions and activities, and collect information after the ventures to ensure continuous improvement of the program. 2 – 4 VFs will be assigned to each venture and will work with partner organizations to guide venture participants through various experiential leadership challenges. As part of the program, you will undergo wilderness skills and leadership training to ensure you are prepared to be a VF. The program is known for fostering a tight-knit community among fellows.

VFs are carefully selected and trained 2nd-year leaders who possess the following competencies: Leadership Character, Diplomacy, Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability and Resilience, and Effective Communication. This year, approximately 30 rising second year students will be selected to serve as Venture Fellows.

Note: McNulty has a one-fellowship-per student policy. A student who is an LF, NPBF, or Lipman Fellow cannot be a VF. You may be an SLF and/or enroll in Semester in SF and HKS and still serve as a VF concurrently.

Become a Venture Fellow

Applications for the WG25 cohort will open in February, 2024.


  • Notification of Yes/No for Interview: March 24th
  • Interviews Conducted: March 26 – March 30
  • Fellowship Offers Extended: April 1
  • New VF Onboarding: April 12

Questions? We’re here to help! We encourage you to speak with Director Jules Roy or you may also direct questions to

Venture Fellows

Congratulations to the WG24 Venture Fellows!

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Jules Roy, Director

Kellie Vetter, Program Coordinator

“Serving the Wharton community as a VF was the highlight of my MBA experience – the program provided an environment where I could grow personally, facilitate growth in others, and steward an organizational culture. It regularly pushed me outside of my comfort zone and challenged me with constant improvement. I highly recommend any student interested in personal growth apply to serve as a Venture Fellow.”
– Curtis Garner, VF ’23

“I decided to become a Venture Fellow in the hopes that others who join ventures come away with a sense of belonging, a feeling of community, and stronger foundations of leadership. And yet the Venture Fellow program continued on my learnings as a venture participant and gave me an even greater sense of belonging, an unbelievably supportive community, and stronger foundations of leadership in execution and in observational leadership.”

– David Kielsmeier, VF ’23