Dr. Anne M. Greenhalgh

Dr. Anne M. Greenhalgh is the Deputy Director of the Wharton Leadership Program and an Adjunct Professor of Management teaching Management 100: Leadership and Communications in Groups.

Anne_Greenhalgh_LAC_ProfileAnne Greenhalgh is an award-winning teacher. She was voted the Best Lecturer in the Social Sciences by the entire student body at the University of Pennsylvania in 2005. She has also won the William G. Whitney Teaching Award for Associated Faculty on so many occasions that a former Vice Dean of the Undergraduate Division once remarked that the only time she does not win is when she is not eligible.

In addition to fulfilling her administrative and teaching responsibilities, Anne has served as an advisor and consultant to a number of academic institutions and corporations, including the School District of Philadelphia, Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges, Merrill Lynch, Marsh USA Inc, and Banc of America. As a Visiting Professor at City University, London, she was a member of the Vice Chancellor’s senior management team and laid the foundation for the University’s learning and teaching strategy.

Anne’s research projects reflect her dedication to leadership and management education. Case Method Teaching as Science and Art: A Metaphoric Approach and Curricular Application appeared in the April 2007 edition of the Journal of Management Education. Visualizing the Leadership Story our Students Tell appeared in the Wharton Leadership Digest (January – February, 2010), Volume 14, Numbers 3-4. Her most recent publication, co-authored with her colleague Christopher I. Maxwell, is entitled “Images of Leadership: A New Exercise to Teach Leadership from a Social Constructionist Perspective” and was published in the Organization Management Journal (2011) 8, 106–110.