Enrollment Policies

Due to high demand and the limited number of seats, enrollment in Wharton Leadership Ventures is taken very seriously. The expectation is that once you confirm, you will attend the venture.  WLV does not offer refunds. Please read the following policies regarding enrollment and cancellation carefully to avoid penalties.

Enrollment Policies (Intensives):

  • Students will be notified if they are selected to participate in an intensive at the close of CourseMatch or if they are pulled from the waitlist.
  • During the Add/Drop period of CourseMatch, students are responsible for monitoring their CourseMatch enrollments and waitlist positions/statuses during this time. They should check back regularly to see if they have been enrolled in any programs that they are/were waitlisted for.
  • Payment is due in full by the designated payment deadlines at 5pm EST for all participants.
  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • Students who do not pay in full by the payment deadline will be dropped from Intensive enrollment, and the next student on the waitlist will be enrolled.
  • If a student is invited to participate in the Intensive after the payment deadline, payment is due upon confirmation of enrollment.
  • Any participants pulled from the waitlist generated by CourseMatch will be notified via CourseMatch email.
  • Students selected off the waitlist will be contacted by the Venture Fellow assigned to Intensives and will have 24 hours to confirm attendance in the Venture and submit payment.

Participation in a WLV Intensive is non-transferable.

Enrollment Policies: Expeditions Only

  • First year students participating in an Expedition will have their CourseMatch budget reduced in their second year.
  • Students can continue to drop Expeditions after CourseMatch closes without penalty.
  • Students have until the specified payment deadline to pay in full for the Expedition.
  • Expedition Scholarships:  Expedition scholarships are based entirely on financial need. Students will need to complete an eligibility survey and will be notified if they are eligible for a scholarship.  We recommend that students also explore back-up financing options if needed during this period.  
  • If students find they cannot finance the Expedition, they have until the payment deadline to drop the expedition in CourseMatch.
  • Students who do not pay in full by the payment deadline risk being dropped from venture enrollment.
  • After the payment deadline, students will be enrolled to Expeditions using the waitlists produced by CourseMatch.  Students selected off the waitlist will be contacted via email and will have 24 hours to confirm attendance and pay for their expedition and will be held to the Expedition Enrollment Policies.
  • All students participating in an Expedition are required to purchase Travel Insurance from iTravelInsured -Travel LX as WLV does not provide refunds.
  • Participation in a WLV Expedition is non transferable.

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Jules Roy, Senior Associate Director

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Christine Fisher, Program Manager