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May 16

Linda Mornell 1Linda Mornell
was born on a farm in Muncie, Indiana.  After getting her RN and BS degrees from Methodist Hospital and Depauw University, she headed west on a Greyhound bus. She received her psychiatric training from Langley Porter at the University of California in San Francisco and married a psychiatric resident there, Pierre Mornell. With three adult children and seven grandchildren, Linda divides her time between family, writing, and consulting. In 2014, she was blessed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama for her efforts to empower disadvantaged youth.

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John Kanengieter1John Kanengieter is the principal of Kanengieter Consulting Group, a private organizational consulting firm that specializes in executive coaching, leadership and strategy solutions and considers it a down-right privilege to work with the clients and partners in his practice. His practice focuses on building resilient leaders in any industry. His work with leaders is augmented by his expertise gained from 25 years in the field of leadership development and experiential education.

For many years, John has served as the Director for Leadership at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and also as a visiting instructor to the Ascent Institute, the Jempe Center and the Leadership Institute of Seattle. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Executive Coaching and Consulting in Organizations and specializes in executive coaching and working with teams in challenging and high-risk work systems. John lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming where he really enjoys riding his bike as fast as he possibly can.

For more information, see the Kane Consulting website.