MBA Leadership Development Workshops

A unique opportunity to communicate, support, develop, and reinforce leadership skills

Leadership Development Workshops are a set of dynamic leadership learning opportunities to communicate, support, develop, and reinforce leadership skills.

By learning more about your own behaviors, personality and leadership style, students will be able to better understand the impact they have on others, and discover how to lead more effectively.

With a minimal time commitment and no cost, they are an ideal way to add to your leadership portfolio while at Wharton.  Some learning opportunities gained by attending a workshop include:

  • Meditation I and II
  • Conflict Management
  • Decision Making
  • Amplify Your Presence Through Professional Communication
  • Leader as Storyteller
  • Decision Making and Managing Uncertainty
  • Leading to Create Positive Team Momentum with Business Improv
students have participated since Fall 2018
workshops have been offered since Fall 2018

Voices from MBA Students

“The workshop was very instrumental in learning the value of decision-making under uncertainty as well as managing uncertainty rather than trying to predict it. Very useful guidance!”

“The structure of the workshop worked very well – short lessons in the group, immediate application in breakouts, then debriefs in the group. Getting immediate practice and feedback was fantastic.”

“I learned the importance of active listening in the conversations and how the way in which we speak can change the outcomes of the conversations.”

“Meditation is the exercise to strengthen the mindfulness muscle; thinking back to how I’ve addressed challenges in the past can help build resiliency; COVID has definitely impacted my mindfulness.”