Equine Leadership Workshop

Equine Leadership Workshop

Students work together in innovative & dynamic ways that help every member discover and understand what makes them and their team most effective.

In partnership with WorkHorse Team Building, students will understand the feedback they receive from their horses and learn to translate their awareness into action. Horses are large, expressive, and sensitive creatures that offer unique opportunities for experiential learning. The horses’ behavior challenges teams to reflect upon their own attitudes, emotions, body language, and boundaries, and highlight any incongruences that might exist. This nonjudgmental feedback from the horses provides an opening for individuals and teams to begin to experience themselves differently.

Activities and Risks

There is no horseback riding on this venture.  Students will interact with horses in an enclosed arena to accomplish team tasks.


There is no necessary training for this venture.

Costs and Equipment

This workshop is free to all Wharton undergraduate students.  Transportation, meals and instruction is included.

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  • Participant Fee: FREE
  • Number of Seats per Venture: 20 per venture
  • Dates:
    • Fall:
  • Venture Fellows: