P3: Purpose, Passion and Principles


A unique collaboration among Wharton students,
McNulty Leadership Program staff, and Professor G. Richard Shell

P3 is a six-week program designed to provide a structured way for students to gain a deeper understanding of their own definitions of success and happiness and how these relate to their professional and personal goals. Students begin by reading Springboard, and throughout the course of their curriculum, will review TedTalks, podcasts, new readings relevant to the theme of the week.


Important Dates for the P3 Participant Application for Fall 2022:

Application opens Monday, September 19, 2022.

Application closes Sunday, September 25, 2022.

Fall 2022 P3 Info. Session will be held Wednesday, September 21st

Fall 2022 P3 Info. Session will be held virtually on Wednesday, September 21st at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT. Zoom info. and session timing will be announced soon. You can check out program details from the Summer 2022 Info Session Deck link below.

Important Dates

If accepted into the P3 Program, you will meet virtually at the same time slot each week for 6 weeks. Attendance at all sessions is required. 

Week 1: Week of October 10
Week 2: Week of October 17
Week 3: Week of October 24
Week 4: Week of October 31
Week 5: Week of November 7
Week 6: Week of November 14

The time slots available for Fall 2022 are from 8:00pm-10:30pm (all times are in ET).

Students will be guided through a curriculum that will include both structured group discussion and exercises. The work of P3 will be broken into two distinct parts and topics for discussion include but are not limited to: defining success, happiness vs. achievement, capabilities and confidence, and leading a full life. Students address the following types of questions:

How will I lead a meaningful life?

How can I be more purposeful in my leadership?

What do I really want to do with my life?

How have my successes, failures, family, and friends shaped who I am today and my decisions?

What does it take for me to be the person I want to be?

What the difference between happiness and fulfillment for me?


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