Patagonia Isla Navarino


Patagonia Isle Navarino

Venture to the end of the world.

Renowned for its combination of temperate forests, sub-polar evergreen rain-forests and coastal marine environments, Navarino Island is regarded as one of the world’s most pristine wilderness areas. Participants on this venture will cover a distance of approximately 33 miles while circumnavigating the Dientes Circuit. Opportunities for summiting mountains and negotiating technical terrain will arise throughout the week. Physical conditioning and mental preparation for this venture is highly recommended.

Activities and Risks

Activities include navigation and route finding, river crossing, and rigorous hiking. Risk included multi-day exposure, hypothermia, fast water, and isolated travel.


The trip requires a very high level of physical conditioning.  Venture Fellows will consult with participants about required training programs.

Costs and Equipment

Partner Organization



  • Participant fee: $4,400 (land cost)
  • Number of seats: 36