Peer Coaching

The Peer Coaching Program
enables small groups of students to come together to develop their leadership through sustained and supported focus on targeted skill-related behaviors. Participants will meet to coach and be coached on leadership development. Coaching group members, with the support of an Executive Coach; will share their developmental opportunities, work together to construct developmental behavioral interventions, and support each other in following through on targeted behavioral changes.

How It Works:

Piloted in 2019, Peer Coaching provides first year students with an opportunity to develop their leadership through practice under the guidance and resource of an Executive Coach. All Executive Coaches are also actively coaching on the ECFP bench. Beginning in the spring semester of the first year, students participate in six peer coaching sessions through the semester. Peer Coaching is only available to first year MBA students.

Program Requirements:

  • Pledge to meet for all sessions (see program overview) including the REQUIRED Session 1: Workshop on Friday, February 4, virtually, from 12:00 – 1:30 pm EDT.
  • Commit to engaging in purposeful new behaviors systematically and persistently.
  • Be willing to share openly with peers and actively support the development of peers through participative engagement.
  • Desire to practice and build peer-coaching skills through focused action.
  • Demonstrate an attitude of humility, coachability, service to others, and lifelong learning

How Do I Participate?

  • Complete the application between January 24 – 30, 2022. Students who wish to participate and do not apply by January 30 @ 11:59 pm EDT will not be accepted.
  • Commit to attending all group meetings.
  • Sign the coaching group norms agreement during Session 1: Workshop.

Additional Information

  • Group size will range from 6 – 8 students.
  • Available times and competencies will be published in the application. Students will need to indicate and confirm availability for a particular session in the competency area you wish to address.
  • Students will be selected and grouped by the MLP staff with assistance from Executive Coaches.

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