Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership Fellows are coaches, mentors, ad hoc advisors, and ambassadors of the Leadership program and the Wharton School.

Fellows are open to and invested in learning, and are committed to serving others and the community.

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Cohort Leadership Fellow (40 positions)

Cohort Leadership Fellows (LFs) coach and mentor three to four Learning Teams and their individual members while creating opportunities for personal and team development. LFs guide first years along their leadership development paths, enabling them to build self-awareness and to aid them in utilizing resources effectively to develop themselves. LFs support the Learning Team formation process through facilitation of the Learning Team Retreat, the Big Idea, and 360 feedback sessions. They also serve as TAs during MGMT 610 under direct guidance of the MGMT 610 faculty.


Leadership Fellow
Yuming Chiu, WG’14

“At the core of every leadership fellow is a passion for mentorship and professional development, and this passion is what drives our interactions with the individuals we work with at Wharton.”



Amanda Zimmerman
Associate Director