Leadership Insight: High Ropes Challenge Course


Leadership Insight: High Ropes Challenge Course

This all-day outdoor intensive has students participate in teams through a leadership reaction course located at one of Philadelphia’s hidden gems at the beautiful Discovery Center in East Fairmount Park.

This venture is designed to provide small teams with a series of challenging activities in a fun learning environment. By the end of the venture, you will discover more about your leadership style and how to best interact with your team to accomplish tasks while stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Activities and Risks

This venture involves high ropes climbing and on the ground team building initiatives and can accommodate all abilities.


No experience necessary.

Costs and Equipment

Transportation, meals and instruction is covered for participation. Participants should dress appropriately for the Venture. A recommended clothing list will be provided by the Venture Fellows.

Partner Organization


  • Venture Fellows:
    • Rohan Krishnan
    • Turner Halle
    • Ben Iverson
    • Gabbi Coetzee
  • Number of Seats per Venture: 30 students
  • Dates:
    • Fall: Saturday, November 5, 2022
  • Video: learn more about Intensives here