Leadership Fellows receive a set of world-class training experiences that provide greater awareness of, and exposure to, the leadership skills.

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Spring of first year

  • Coaching skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Goal setting
  • Team identity and formation
  • Team performance
  • Team process consultation

Summer between first and second year

  • Learning Team Retreat, Big Idea, and MGMT 610 facilitation training

Second year

  • 360-degree Feedback facilitation training
  • Special faculty lectures (past lectures have included Prof. Shell’s Meaning of Success and Prof. Grant’s Give and Take)

Leadership Fellow
Martha Kelley
Martha Kelley, WG’14

“I have also spent two years in an experiential, team-based learning environment that has taught me about team formation, group dynamics, and my own leadership capabilities within a group setting. These learnings will be extremely valuable throughout my personal and professional lives.”

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Amanda Zimmerman,
Associate Director