WEMBA Business Improv Workshop

WEMBA Business Improv Workshop

What do you think of when you hear the word “Improvisation?”

Humor? Terror? Excitement? Comedy and the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Many of these elements are, indeed, associated with improvisation. However, improvisation is so much more. For instance, good improvisation entails intense listening and clear communication, trust and teamwork, a willingness to take risk, adaptability and spontaneity, rapid decision-making, and the ability to keep a cool head in a crisis. In short, improvisation entails a set of skills desperately needed by today’s leaders.

The Business Improv program is designed to help you help yourself. In particular, we will provide tools and techniques to help you foster a culture of acceptance, enhance creativity and innovation to think differently, break silos & communicate collaboratively, gain comfort with ambiguity, make faster decisions, promote organizational learning, manage conflict, and be more effective at establishing relationships. Our Business Improv session will entail a mix of experiential learning exercises (adapted from theatrical improvisation & designed to enhance relevant skills for dynamic leaders), thought-pieces and discussions.

The Business Improv team will consist of the world’s very best improvisational talents. Based in NY, Chicago & LA, Business Improv is comprised of all-star performers and teachers, each with vast experience not only in improv, but also in the business world and linking improv to the specific skill set leaders require! We are pumped to work with you in this great program!

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and be prepared to spend some time on your feet, participating in experiential learning exercises. (High heels or new loafers may not be the best choice of footwear)

Lastly, please be open to the possibility that this may help you and leave your inhibitions at the door.


  • Participant Fee: $0
  • Availability: PHL 44
  • Date/Time:  Sunday March 29th, 2020 9:00am-12:30pm
  • Location:  TBD