WEMBA Crew Intensive

WEMBA Crew Intensive

This day-long crew experience will be a hands-on study in high-performance leadership rooted in the history and the natural environment of San Francisco.

San Francisco, the setting for the Crew Intensive, is a storied rowing course. Clubs have hosted regattas here for nearly 200 years. The Bay Area’s natural beauty and still waters have attracted generations of crews comprising business executives, politicians, and community leaders. Crew was and is a vital force in the growth of San Francisco. The McNulty Leadership Program’s Crew Intensive presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with the city’s environment and its history.

Rowing is a team sport in which technique, discipline, and mental tenacity combine to determine the success of a particular crew. Teamwork is essential to achieve optimal performance and flow. Each eight-person crew is required to draw upon each other’s strengths in order to move the boat effectively. By challenging yourself in an unfamiliar context, you will heighten your awareness of coworkers, discover your inherent strengths of character, command a sense of balance and synchronicity, and understand the importance of working together toward a common goal.

The Crew Intensive will be led by Dan Lyons, a World-Champion rower, Olympian, and the President, Founder & CEO of Team Concepts, Inc. From his twenty-plus years coaching elite crews on the water and leading effective teams onshore, Dan has learned the dramatic power that experiential learning plays in emphasizing the message of inspirational leadership.

All fitness levels are welcome!

How to Apply

Please submit your completed application form by Monday, February 3rd.

For oversubscribed events, participants will be selected via lottery. Students will be notified of their status following the application deadline. If after submitting your application you can no longer attend, please email Michael Pratt immediately.

Once you are officially registered you will receive additional logistics and payment instructions.

Training & Safety

No pre-trip conditioning is needed.  There is moderate rigor during this intensive, and all fitness levels are welcome!

(1) We are first and foremost concerned with your safety and well-being. We have professional rowing coaches and are fully equipped to handle any emergency if it arises. Rowing is a very safe, fun sport. Listen to your coaches and you will be fine!

(2) You will be required to sign a waiver before taking part in this activity.

(3) You will be rowing in a ‘working’ rowing club, bustling with actively training rowers. Please listen to your coaches and yield to club members who are getting their boats in and out.

Costs & Logistics

The cost of the intensive is $200.

(1) You will wear your own clothes to the boathouse. Uniforms and baseball caps will be provided upon arrival at the river for the rowing activity. You should not wear long, loose shorts while rowing, as they may get caught in the seat of the boat. Do not wear jeans or regular slacks.

(2) The tracks of the boats can be greasy and dirty, so we advise you not to wear nice clothing while rowing.

(3) Remember to bring socks and sneakers with rubber soles for the rowing activity.

(4) Don’t forget your sunblock!  We will row rain or shine.


  • Date: TBD
  • Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Availability: SF 44 & 45 | MBA SSF
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Participant Fee:  $200