WEMBA Leadership Presence Workshop

WEMBA Leadership Presence Workshop

True presence is a highly sought after and crucially important skill for the modern executive. Successful leaders in every field have that rare combination of confidence, charisma, self-awareness and inspiration. Actors also search for a strong “stage presence”.

Easily seen and difficult to describe, stage presence or leadership presence is an attribute that we all feel is something which would make us better leaders. It is the ability to authentically connect with and engage audiences. It is also the ability to establish credibility, trust, authority and vision. Lastly, true presence enables leaders to invite audiences to be part of something vital and more than ordinary.

Leadership Presence is a skill that we need in one-on-one encounters when mentoring a junior colleague and also when presenting a new business initiative requiring capital investment to the Board of Directors. True presence allows us to read the room and to lift audiences away from the many distractions that are a part of everyday life in order to inspire, persuade and build momentum toward rallying others to action. While some might argue that presence is an innate quality, this workshop will prove otherwise as we demystify the building blocks of presence and train ourselves to strengthen our own engagement with audiences.

This interactive, fast-paced workshop is meant to stretch WEMBA students outside of their comfort zones so that they can learn about their own leadership strengths and work on overcoming any potential barriers to authentically connecting with others. By learning to be more “present,” participants will understand how to be more motivational as a leader, more convincing as a negotiator and more open and honest as a team member. This workshop develops a practical toolkit for leaders to continue working on their presence and their ability to communicate their vision and their story long after the workshop has ended.

Over the course of the workshop, participants will be on their feet, learning in a supportive and interactive environment. The workshop culminates in individual presentations and feedback.


  • Participant Fee: $0
  • Number of seats: 70 seats (first come, first serve)
  • Availability: PHL 43 Class
  • Dates:  October 27, 2018 4:15 – 7:30 pm (Dinner provided)
  • Location:  Wharton Philadelphia Campus


Quinn Bauriedel
Owner and Co-Artistic Director, Pig Iron Theater Company

Quinn is a founder and co-artistic director of the two-time OBIE Award-winning Pig Iron Theatre Company and has been a leading artistic voice in the company for over 20 years. Quinn has toured around the world with his productions and has taught workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad.

In 2016 he was named an Eisenhower Fellow. He has also been awarded a Henry Luce Fellowship, a Pew Fellowship, a Fox Foundation Actor Fellowship (one of six awards given out nationally), a USA Knight Fellowship, and an Independence Foundation Fellowship. Quinn regularly teaches leadership sessions for Wharton’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education and for the Wharton MBA Leadership Learning program, as well as with University of Pennsylvania’s Chief Learning Officer Program. Additionally, he has taught leadership workshops for Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Credit Suisse, U.S. Trust, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Exelis, FINRA, Danisco, and ADP, among others.

He has taught theater courses and workshops at Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Stanford, Swarthmore College, UVA, Georgetown, Yale, Penn, Wesleyan, and American University, among many others. Quinn brings fresh insights and cutting-edge thinking to all of the workshops he offers, including work on Leadership Presence, Collaborative Creativity, The Leader as Storyteller, and experiential modules designed to strengthen teams and to develop leadership capacity.

Quinn is an Associate Professor at the University of the Arts/Pig Iron and is the Director of the MFA Program in Devised Performance Program.