WEMBA Crew Intensive


WEMBA Crew Intensive

This Intensive will involve serving as a member of a rowing crew in order to explore and develop leadership capabilities.  This leadership experience in rowing is a hands-on study in high-performance leadership. Rowing is a team sport in which technique, discipline, and mental tenacity combine to determine the success of a particular crew. Each crew is required to draw upon each other’s strengths in order to move the boat effectively. Teamwork is not just ideal but is essential to achieve performance and flow in the boat. By challenging yourself in an unfamiliar context, you will heighten your emotional and cultural awareness, gain deeper insight into your leadership strengths and challenges, demand a sense of balance and synchronicity, and deeply understand the importance of working together toward a common goal.


On this intensive, we place participants in individual and team-based leadership scenarios in small crew teams. Each team is introduced to the rowing shell and is trained on how to row an eight-person boat efficiently and with grace.

There are normal physical risks associated with this venture such as aches and soreness.  There is also a moderate risk of injury while entering and exiting the boats.


No pre-trip conditioning is needed.  There is moderate rigor during this intensive.

Costs & Equipment

The cost of the intensive is $200 and includes transportation to and from the respective school location (WEMBA West and WEMBA East) as well as meals.


  • Participant fee:  $ 200 (all costs included)
  • Number of seats: 40
  • Dates:  Early November from 9:00am to 5:00pm (San Franciso Bay Area)
    Mid-November from 9:00am to 5:00pm (Philadelphia Area)
  • Location:  San Francisco Bay and Philadelphia

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