Wharton 101: Business and You


In 2016, the Wharton faculty approved revisions to the Undergraduate Curriculum. New elements of the curriculum include:

  • Expansion of the leadership coursework currently focused in a student’s first semester (Management 100) into a suite of components that spans all four year
  • The addition of Legal Studies and Business Ethics coursework to the fundamentals
  • Revisions to the general education requirement and an increase in the number of unrestricted electives to increase flexibility to balance breadth and depth in the liberal arts and business
  • Greater emphasis on innovation and technology and the global economy

The redesigned curriculum will begin with the Class of 2021. All incoming students will begin their leadership journey and take a series of four half-credit modules, beginning with the Freshman Gateway Course, Wharton 101: Business and You.

This  gateway course entitled Business and You gives students the opportunity to hear from faculty thought-leaders from all 10 departments, explore their academic options, and begin the process of self-discovery — the first step of the leadership journey.