McNulty Quotes # 5

"If you think of leadership as developing other leaders, that was John. If you think of leadership as forcing change and challenging the status quo, that was John." - Eric Lane, Global Co-Head, Investment Management Division, Goldman Sachs, Wharton ‘96

McNulty Quotes # 4

"He was totally invested, not only in getting to the right answer, but in everybody on the team being successful. It was quite extraordinary as a young guy to have a successful and wise senior person who really felt like a partner and a friend." - George Herbert Walker IV,Read More

McNulty Quotes # 3

"I think one of the most unique things about John's leadership and the people he invested in were how young they were. By doing it, he built and inspired a level of commitment and passion in a next generation to take what it was he was looking to build andRead More

McNulty Quotes # 2

"There was never a guy with a greater need and willingness to be part of the solution than John. I cannot recall an interchange with John where I left without some fresh insight or way of looking at things." - Peter Kiernan, CEO, Kiernan Ventures

McNulty Quotes # 1

"In John’s life he transformed himself – and those around him – several times over. Extremely shy when I met him in high school, he became student body president in college, and went on to lead a global asset management business. His last dramatic transformation was in electing to leaveRead More